LAVA Mobile PC Suite and Drivers Free Download

LAVA Mobile PC Suite Free Download

From here, you can download LAVA mobile PC Suite and Drivers freely. The Lava mobile PC suite allow you to connect mobile to computer so you can synchronize and manage your personal datas like images,videos,phone contacts and calendar also you can connect computer to internet via LAVA mobile.

From below image, you can find the PC Suite supported mobile models. Only these LAVA mobile models support the PC suite and Drivers.

LAVA  PC Suite Supported mobile models


LAVA Mobile PC Suite

How to download LAVA Mobile PC Suite and Drivers

  1. Please click here to download LAVA Mobile PC Suite and Drivers.
  2. Select your mobile from drop down menu. It will display PC Suite and Drivers.
  3. Click on PC Suite/Drivers, It will be automatically download to your computer.
  4. Please refer the image below.

PC Suite

Written by Nideesh C

Nideesh C

After the completion of my Diploma in Electronics & Tele-communication, MCSE,CCNA, CCNP, CST etc, worked as a system Administrator at Wipro, CMC-TATA, and now working with IT Research & Pro Labs.

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  1. Vivek says

    Friends, i downloaded LAVA Mobile PC Suite in my laptop but i am unable to connect it to my phone via USB port getting some error message…

  2. Aswathi Varma says

    Hi friends, I tried to install LAVA Mobile PC Suite in my computer but it showing installer error!! ….pls help…

  3. Jagan says

    I am unable to connect my LAVA mobile to PC via LAVA Mobile PC Suite software… while installing i am getting installer error.

  4. Sini says

    Is it possible to access internet from LAVA mobile… I have already installed LAVA Mobile PC Suite software in My computer …. Please help me..

  5. jill says

    Dear Admin

    Pls help to all us LAVA IRIS 501 users
    REquire lava iris 501 PC Suite of USB driver require

  6. Mohit says

    Just to inform that the download link which redirects to Lava Website is broken hence cannot download the application.

  7. lovely says

    dear admin

    pls help me to all us LAVA IRIS 501 users
    require lava iria 501 pc suit of USB drive requires

  8. Arush Makheja says

    Sir Ye apki Pc Suite ki website open nhi ho paa rhi hai plss Sir kch kijiye hmmhe LAVA iris 501 kaa Pc Suite chaiye jaldi se jaldi plss sir

  9. Anonymous says

    lava pc suit download nahi ho raha hai ye kaisa site hai jitendra kumar from apg shimla university chalau kaya baba ji ke thulu

  10. Sagar Dave says

    I need drivers for Lava Iris X5 unable to find the same. And also getting page not found error while downloading the link you have mentioned above.

    Please update ASAP.

    Sagar Dave
    Mo: 7405507823

  11. pradip adhikari says

    i need to install lavakkt34+ mobile pcsuite in my laptop tell me the procedure.
    Sir Ye apki Pc Suite ki website open nhi ho paa rhi hai plss Sir kch kijiye hmmhe LAVA iris 402 kaa Pc Suite chaiye jaldi se jaldi plss sir

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