How to check mts mblaze data usage in postpaid

To check MTS Mblaze data usage in postpaid, we have two options available.

1. Check usage data from MBLAZE device.

As per the advice received from authorised MBLAZE dealer, data showing in MBlaze device is not accurate. From my experience, the data shown in the device is wrong. So i just enquired about this to the MTS team and comming to know that, there is another good option to check postpaid data usage. Details given below:

2. Check Mblaze postpaid data usage using MTS Self Care

First you need to signup that page, after your signup, you will get a password through your device. A popup window will display and your password will shown in that window. Use that password and login here:



Goodluck !!!

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  1. for mts mblaze postpaid users just like me mts selfcare is very effective tool to check the postpaid usage. thanks a lot

  2. mts selfcare is very useful for mts mblaze postpaid data usage checking. mts is now a leading brand in indian market. very good growth. all the best MTS and Mblaze device.

  3. checking mblaze usage is difficult task. thanks for directing me

  4. Layana suresh says:

    Last some days my biggest problem is how to check mts data usage (mblaze) …. that issue is now solved by you thanks a lot gpc

  5. Mts selfcare help me lot for identifying the mblaze postpaid usage of me. MTS good service through self care website.

  6. cunect my email adress

  7. mts selfcare is not showing actual data usage. some errors are there. help me mts

  8. ritabrata says:

    hey, after logging in the selfcare portal, how can i check the usage? there i am not able to find any option for checking the mblaze postpaid usage. plz help ASAP.

  9. i am in doubted about the usage details of MTS before using mts selfcare service. now there is no doubt about mts postpaid mblaze usage. everything there at selfcare. some complication have in page but we can understand.

  10. how toknow my mtsmblaze data usage

  11. Ravendran says:

    How to check mts mblaze data usage in postpaid plan ? I am unable to login im MTS mblaze data usage Checking page ..

  12. satheesh babu says:

    tell me how to get my user id and pass word on mts selfcare

  13. selfcare is very good for postpaid users

  14. it says invalid number.

  15. Natwar Singh says:

    I always call to MTS customer care. selfcare say invalid number always.
    I am from rajasthan and I call on 1800-208-1955

  16. i would like to know how to check my postpaid uasge using mts self care……..kindly help….

  17. Barlas Khan Afridi Moradabad says:

    MTS selfcare is not working with 914260 and such new numbers. their website and dealers all acts totally unprofessional.

  18. plzzzzzz help me i’hv forget my user id and password also,.,.,.plzzzzzz somebody help!

  19. how to check mts postpaid usage . i am not able to find that out .

  20. This MDN is already registered…BUT WAT IS THE NUMBER OF MINE..HOW CAN I FIND THIS???????????

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