How to Block/Remove Automatic Script injection from “” ?

A malicious script injection to all of my wordpress new posts has been identified by me today. Code follows:


Found Malicious script injection while using mozilla firefox browser for posting new post at wordpress blog. automatic script from : cdncache3-a-akamaihd-net website.

A detailed study done by me about this automatic script injection to all of the wordpress posts created by using mozilla firefox browser and for testing purpose. I just opened Google Chrome browser and open my wordpress blog through chrome browser. Through the chrome browser, i cant find any automatic script injection in the posts. This script is a advertisement script and will result, an advertisement link will show to the keywords mentioned in your post.

How to remove automatic script ads injection from the website “″ ?

Step.1: Close all the wordpress websites from mozilla firefox browser and check mozilla addons by pressing “Ctrl+Shift+A” or go to “tools”menu and click add-ons. After that disable all add-ons.

Step.2: Next step is to click extensions, and disable all extensions from mozilla.

Step.3: Restart Mozilla firefox.

Step.4: After restart, you just open wordpress blog and try to create a new post. If the script still present, only one idea to remove that malicious script. Just go to control panel and click add or remove then remove mozilla firefox browser.

Step.5: Re-install Mozilla. Now your issue will be resolved. Thank you.

Written by Vineesh

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  1. says

    Change your posting mode from visual view to html view. then only you can see this malicious script injection from http:// cdncache3-a.akamaihd. net/loaders/1032/l. js?aoi=1311798366&pid=1032&zoneid=62862. First, disable all firefox extensions and restart, after that you need to enable trusted extensions only. Your issue will definitely solve.

  2. Naina says

    best java script injection example is the above shown post. author clearly taken the picture of java script injection attack and shown here. very useful for students. Author done a small script injection test also. thankyou.

  3. tom e johan says

    javascript injection is a new way of attack. this type of script can hack wordpress account also. i faced java script injection attack at just 6 month back and but my account found safe.. before doing anything by hackers, i just removed this script from my wordpress blog.

  4. Arjun Gavley says has been blocked from using the above direction. it is due to firefox extension. removed all firefox extension and reinstalled trusted extensions only. now site blocked from my computer. thanks

  5. martin says

    automatic script injection is a serious issue for me. Now i removed all extensions and mozilla working perfectly without any script injection. all you need to do is remove all extensions from your mozilla browser and reinstall extensions one by one.. ie trusted only need to re-install. this will help to resolve this problem.

  6. Pradod.M says

    script injection is a big issue recently. thanks for the awesome post for solving this worst injection due to mozilla outdated extensions. remove all extensions and restart mozilla. the issue will solve.

  7. Anders says

    I have tried to remove the extensions from firefox many times but that is still there. I have also tried to uninstal firefox and install it again but it was still there when i was on facebook that fu**ing a.akamahahid something.. What to do?

  8. sanjay says

    its not only firefox but internet explorer too infected with this automatic script injection.
    how to remove this from IE8

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